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Cardio kickboxing using bags. We use bags for the whole workout. Our classes are fast paced and set to great music. You will never do the same workout twice.

We offer 2 types of kickboxing classes. One is a rounds class which is (6)five minute rounds, each minute is different and the other is a cardio-kickboxing class where the instructor calls out the combinations with a steady count. Either class will have you sweating and reaching your fitness goals.

We are not a typical kickboxing facility. Our instructors always make sure you get the best workout every single class.

Our web special is a great way to try the program first and make sure it's right for you.

This course offers step by step instruction for acquiring solid boxing skills. Pad work, bag work, jump rope and intensive cardiovascular exercises are applied in every class. This class does not require any previous boxing experience. You’ll receive individual help from the instructors as you master the basics and they will continue to provide on-going guidance as your skill level increases.
Once you start taking classes with us, we are sure you will want to bring your friends.

Required boxing gear:

Boxing gloves, focus mitts, wrist wraps, jump rope, mat, towel, clean pair of indoor only sneakers. Boxing gear should be purchased only through M.A.X. Fitness. We provide only the highest quality gear available to insure your safety.
Our web special is a great way to try the program first and make sure it's right for you.

How to wrap your hands

Personal training in a group setting at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal trainers. Most trainers will charge any where from $35 to $150 per session, if you train 3 times per week that could be costly. We are sure that training in our group personal training program will save you money and get you the results you are looking for.

The group setting is great since you will have like minded individuals right along side you pushing you to achieve your goals. Your coach will make sure that you execute each move properly and help you reach your true potential. Your coach will always manage your workouts so you are constantly progressing towards your individual goals.

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